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Laxalt Allegedly Assaulted A Police Officer: Has He Told The Whole Truth??

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This weekend, the Reno Gazette Journal published an explosive article describing a previously unreported arrest of Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt for allegedly assaulting a police officer.
In June 1996, police were called to a woman’s home in Laxalt’s hometown of Alexandria, Virginia. There, according to the police report, Laxalt was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.
Alexandria officials withheld 36 pages of additional documents in Laxalt’s file that could include additional criminal investigative files. The files could contain crucial information as to whether Laxalt would’ve been required to disclose his unknown arrest on his Nevada bar application.
“With five weeks until Election Day, there is a cloud of suspicion swirling around Adam Laxalt,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It’s unacceptable that Nevada voters are just now learning about Laxalt’s criminal record. If Laxalt truly has nothing to hide, he would release his full criminal record and his Nevada bar application–Nevadans deserve to know whether he can be trusted.”
Laxalt has refused calls to release his full criminal record and Nevada bar application.
The alleged assault of a police officer, eight traffic tickets he failed to pay for 15 years, and a previous DUI arrest raise serious questions about whether he has been entirely forthcoming about his criminal record to Nevada voters.