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Latest Super PAC Ad Proves Even Trump Might Not Be Enough To Save Mike Parson

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Despite Republicans’ repeated touting of Trump’s popularity in Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson’s Super PAC doesn’t seem to think the governor’s embrace of the president is all good news. In Uniting Missouri’s recent statewide ad, Mike Parson’s Super PAC wants Missouri voters to know about Parson’s close relationship with the president, except for the 65% of Missourians who live in St. Louis and Kansas City media markets.
This is the latest piece of evidence of Trump’s waning ability to carry Republicans over the finish line. Democratic victories in Louisiana and Kentucky last year, states that went to Trump by 20 and 30 points in 2016, showed a “Complete and Total” Trump endorsement doesn’t necessarily translate into wins. In fact, gubernatorial candidates endorsed by President Trump lost in Nevada, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in 2018.
Parson desperately needs this to work, as the walls appear to be closing in on all sides. Ever since former GOP Gov. Eric Greitens claimed “total exoneration” and hinted at a potential run for his old seat, Parson’s Super PAC has been spending big to scare off the disgraced former governor. Parson’s strategy makes it plain that he’s on a tightrope and could fall at any moment.
“Time is running out for Gov. Mike Parson,” said DGA Communications Deputy Director Christina Amestoy. “With or without President Trump, Parson has failed Missouri families. While Parson was on a jet with his millionaire buddies, thousands of children were kicked off their health insurance, and rural hospitals continued to close. Missouri voters will not forget the damage that Parson has done to their communities, and they will omit him from the Governor’s office in November.