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Las Vegas Sun Editorial: Laxalt is ‘a Wind-Up Toy for the NRA’

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In case you missed it, the Las Vegas Sun editorial board excoriated Adam Laxalt today for his failure to act to protect Nevadans from gun violence.
Laxalt infamously failed to implement a voter approved measure to expand background checks in Nevada. Now as Nevada lawmakers grapple with the issue of school safety, Laxalt is unlikely to support any substantive changes. The editorial board calls Laxalt a “robot” and “wind-up toy” for the gun lobby.
Read excerpts below or the full scathing editorial HERE.
Las Vegas Sun Editorial: Laxalt has proven his loyalty is with the NRA, not Nevada voters
During a recent four-hour meeting with Nevada law enforcement officers about school safety, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt said one of the recommendations from the session was to improve the state’s background checks system.
Gee, what a great idea, beefing up background checks. It’s so great, in fact, that Nevada voters passed a ballot measure in 2016 that would improve on the existing system by expanding checks — making them apply not only to sales involving licensed dealers, but to those between nonlicensed sellers at gun shows, on the internet and in other situations.
But the ballot initiative was never implemented. Why?
Largely because Laxalt and Gov. Brian Sandoval wouldn’t go to bat for the voters.
…So draw your own conclusions about the source of his opposition, and get ready to hear plenty of NRA rhetoric spilling from him during the campaign for governor.
In his recent meeting with law enforcement authorities, Laxalt mentioned several recommendations thatwere right out of the NRA’s talking points.
Laxalt is such a robot for the organization, the day he floats a policy it opposes will be the day President Donald Trump admits he got demolished in the popular vote.
…If Laxalt were something more than a wind-up toy for the NRA on gun issues, he’d suggest changes that hit at the root of the problem of gun safety in schools, such as banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines — and implementing universal background checks.