Las Vegas Sun Calls for Joe Lombardo to Resign As Sheriff After Lombardo Attacks Free Press

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The Las Vegas Sun released a scathing editorial today calling for Joe Lombardo to resign his role as Clark County Sheriff, citing repeated betrayals of public trust and new revealing texts in which Lombardo conspired to drive the Sun and its owner out of business.

“[Lombardo] has soiled what might have been a promising career in public service by showing himself as a political weakling who groveled for endorsements and now yields to his own corrupt impulses and personal vendettas,” the editorial board wrote. “In so doing, he joins a parade of dishonorable politicians who represent the worst of this nation.”

The board slammed Lombardo for being a “MAGA extremist and election denier,” for his “spineless flip-flop[ping],” and for his “lack of the conviction and courage needed to lead this state.” But it was Lombardo’s texts describing his partisan vendetta against the Sun that truly confirmed he’s betraying his oath to serve in a nonpartisan public office.

“What Lombardo has just announced is that he is eager to use power to victimize people and companies he dislikes,” the board said. “This is disgraceful and corrupt, and it disqualifies Lombardo from holding any office.”

They added: “As for his gubernatorial run, now that voters know a Lombardo administration will likely be a parade of vengeance on one hand and corrupt favors on the other, he must be rejected.