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Kyle Kondik: ‘Democratic Hammer Might Fall The Hardest In The Midwest’

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In case you missed it, Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, discussed the burgeoning chances of Democratic gubernatorial candidates in the Midwest on this morning’s Washington Journal.
Watch the full clip HERE or below:

Kyle Kondik: The Democratic hammer might fall the hardest in the Midwest, which of course is a region that swung so heavily to Donald Trump and really provided his victory, if you sort of include Pennsylvania as an auxiliary member of the Midwest.
Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Plus Ohio and Iowa, all those states flipped from Obama to Trump. And yet now, the Democrats have a chance to win substantial number of governorships in the Midwest.
There are six in particular of interest. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio. Democrats currently only control one of them in Minnesota, and they’re favored to hold it. Democrats are also favored to pick up Illinois and Michigan. Illinois, Bruce Rauner, Republican, is running for re-election. He’s well behind in the polls. Michigan is an open seat where Democrats are favored. And then Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio, Ohio is an open seat. Iowa has a quasi-incumbent. Kim Reynolds, lieutenant governor, took over there after the previous governor took a federal job. And then Wisconsin, where Scott Walker is running for reelection, those are all toss ups.
There’s a world where Democrats win all six of those governorships.