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KS Ed Boards Slam Kobach as “Embarrassment For the State of Kansas”

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Kobach Earns Contempt of Court Ruling, Leaves Taxpayers to Pick Up the Bill

This weekend, editorial boards levied more harsh criticism at Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach for earning his second contempt of court charge in his one man voter suppression crusade. A federal judge ordered Kobach to repay his opponent’s legal fees after deliberately disobeying the judge and using stall tactics in a voting rights case against the ACLU. But instead of Kobach personally paying the penalty, Kansas taxpayers will likely be on the hook.
Here’s a roundup of what editorial boards had to say:
Lawrence Journal World: Kobach’s losing streak continues

Kobach’s electioneering plans were so toxic that even Trump abandoned him.
…Kobach has been a divisive force in Kansas politics, having spent two terms as a secretary of state singularly focused on discouraging voter participation. He has stubbornly and unapologetically refused to admit or correct the many mistakes he has made. It’s hard to imagine Kansas voters rewarding Kobach’s record of failure with the governor’s office.

Kansas City Star: Kris Kobach found in contempt of court, and Kansas pays a price

Any Kansan who spends time studying the record in this long-running case will be appalled by the secretary’s behavior. He used misdirection, sophistry and feigned confusion to avoid doing what the court clearly ordered.
But he is far less clever than he thinks, as the judge demonstrated this week. She saw through Kobach’s all-too-familiar okey-doke and found him in contempt. Kansas voters will soon have a chance to reach their own verdicts.
…Taxpayers may have to pay the penalty if the contempt ruling sticks. In many ways, Kansas has paid a price for electing Kobach.

Topeka Capital-Journal: Do Republicans truly desire Kobach’s theatrics?

By attempting an appeal of the contempt order, Kobach only furthers the possibility of additional humiliation to himself and embarrassment for the state of Kansas.The twisted irony in all this is a man who has attempted to suppress the rights of voters is the same man attempting to gain votes that would make him the governor.