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Kitzhaber OKs electric vehicle push

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Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has formalized his support of the state’s pro-electric vehicle efforts.
A memorandum of understanding that Kitzhaber signed Tuesday signals his further support for the new “Energizing Oregon” coalition that’s coordinating the state’s EV efforts.
State officials and such regional elected leaders as Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen want Oregon to remain one of the country’s top ten EV sales and charger installation markets.
The memorandum calls for Ashley Horvat, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s West Coast Electric Highway manager, to serve as the state’s lead on EV issues. The Drive Oregon group that backs alternative transportation modes, will further organize pro-EV efforts.
Kitzhaber signed the memorandum along with ODOT chief Matt Garrett and Drive Oregon’s Jeff Allen.
The Energizing Oregon initiative released goals late last year that call for the state to boost its plug-in electric vehicle counts. Some 1,610 were counted in the state last year.
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