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Kinder Exits Stage Left As Montana Rs Scramble to the Far Right

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What a sad outlook for the Montana Republican primary race as the 9 gubernatorial candidates are pandering to tea party extremists to win the nomination. Because of the absurdly large (and possible expanding) field of candidates, the crowd of contenders is scrambling to the far right. Beyond demonstrating that their extreme agendas are far outside the mainstream of Montana, these candidates are ensuring a difficult general election matchup for the GOP. By running so far to the right, they are making themselves increasingly unelectable in the general election.
With extremist GOP state legislators proposing, as Gov. Brian Schwietzer described, “bat-crap crazy” legislation, it is frightening to imagine the shambles Montana would be in without the wise vetoes and Democratic leadership of Governor Schweitzer.
Undoubtedly, the Democratic candidate Steve Bullock will face a tea party extremist in the general election. Montana’s choice in this election is clear. In Bullock, we have a great candidate who can continue Schweitzer’s legacy of job creation and standing up to the crazies.
Meanwhile in Missouri, pantless-partier Peter Kinder has dropped out of the gubernatorial race leaving a man with even more questionable ethics (if that’s possible) as the front-runner. Republican businessman Dave Spence, who claims to be adamantly opposed to government intrusion, received a $42 million bank bailout and refuses to repay it. It’s no wonder the Republicans are scrambling for a decent candidate to challenge Governor Jay Nixon in Missouri.
These two races clearly show the importance of electing strong Democratic governors across the nation.