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Kim Reynolds Doubles Down on Support for Kavanaugh

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Reynolds in January: ‘Sexual harassment has been a stain on our culture’

Reynolds on Tuesday: ‘I think … he would be a great judge’

Eight months ago, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds focused her Condition of the State speech on fighting the ‘stain’ of sexual harassment. On Tuesday, she doubled down on her support for a judge accused of serious sexual misconduct.
Reynolds broke her silence about the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by telling the Quad-City Times yesterday, “right now I think … he would be a great judge.” This past weekend, she joined other Republican leaders including her controversial campaign co-chair Rep. Steve King at an event for an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event and “rallied the nearly 700 Christians in the crowd behind Kavanaugh.”
Reynolds has previously proclaimed herself to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment. Earlier this year, “Reynolds drew a round of bipartisan applause Tuesday for denouncing sexual harassment as ‘a stain on our culture’ in her first Condition of the State address.”
“It’s clear that for Governor Reynolds, zero-tolerance takes a back seat to political expediency,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “By backing Judge Kavanaugh in the face of multiple serious allegations of sexual assault, Reynolds exposes her rhetoric as completely hollow and her values as out of step with Iowans’.”
And it turns out even Reynolds’ widely-praised Condition of the State address was tainted by harassment. Last week, a new investigation reported that Dave Jamison, a longtime friend of Reynolds who was fired for sexual harassment, “bragged about helping the Governor draft the Condition of the State Address.” For a rundown of Reynolds’ mishandling of the Jamison situation from earlier this year, please see HERE.
Her support for Judge Kavanaugh isn’t the first time Reynolds has shown significantly greater-than-zero-tolerance for sexual misconduct by her political allies. She also failed to denounce disgraced former governor Eric Greitens or return the money he raised for her campaign and was widely criticized for a tepid response to a harassment lawsuit in the Iowa State Senate that cost the state $2 million.