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Kim Reynolds’ Bad Week Continues: New Primary Challenger Jumps in the Race

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Even Republicans Bash Reynolds’ Statehouse: “A Smelly Old Marsh”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ string of bad news and bad headlines continues as another Republican announced he would be mounting a primary campaign against her, decrying Reynolds’ focus on serving special interests over the people of Iowa.
Steven Ray, a Republican city councilmember from Boone, jumped into the primary race to replace Reynolds yesterday, attacking her priorities and record of putting special interests first. In his announcement, Ray called the Statehouse under Reynolds’ leadership a “smelly old marsh.” Previously, Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, also running in the Republican primary, when asked about Reynolds’ economic management of the state said that “her biggest accomplishment is the reboot of the state license plate.”
This latest blow to Reynolds comes as her self-inflicted budget crisis continues to draw headlines and even audits. Political observers recognize how vulnerable the Reynolds Budget Crisis makes the Governor as her many challengers—of both parties—have wasted no opportunity to highlight her mismanagement and failed leadership.
“Even Iowa Republicans are attacking Kim Reynolds’ mismanagement and special interest politics as they line up to take her on in the primary election,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “It’s clear that the Reynolds Budget Crisis is causing major problems for her reelection efforts—and these problems aren’t going away any time soon as Iowans continue to feel the pain from their Governor’s bungled budget.”