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Kentucky Public School Teacher Slams Daniel Cameron in New TV Ad

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Kentucky Public School Teacher Slams Daniel Cameron in New TV Ad

As education remains a central issue in Kentucky’s race for governor, a new TV ad from DGA-backed group Defending Bluegrass Values features a public school teacher slamming Daniel Cameron for his anti-public school agenda, including his support for an unconstitutional voucher program that would take money from public schools to fund unaccountable private schools.

In the ad, the teacher also calls out Cameron for saying he would have backed Matt Bevin’s education plan, which would have dismantled hard-earned pensions for public school teachers.

While Cameron is desperately trying to rewrite his track record on education – even launching an empty apology tour – he has failed to support Kentucky schools, teachers, students and parents. Instead of supporting Gov. Andy Beshear’s proposed and much-needed 11% pay raises for educators and support staff and encouraging his allies in the legislature to support it, Daniel Cameron dismissively told a crowd at a recent event that there was “no chance” it would pass.

It’s no wonder why his apologies fell flat with Kentucky teachers, who were reportedly “unimpressed by Cameron’s overture,” claiming that the “‘apple [Cameron’s] offering is rotten to the core.’”

“Daniel Cameron doesn’t care about Kentucky’s students, teachers, or schools, and it shows in his failed record of backing policies that would devastate public education,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Kentuckians know that a vote for Daniel Cameron is a vote against Kentucky students, teachers, and schools, and won’t listen to his election-year spin.”

 Watch the ad here, or view a full transcript below:

 I became a teacher because I believe in the possibility of our kids. 

Matt Bevin’s attacks on teachers felt very personal. 

And Daniel Cameron stood with him, against us. 

Cameron backed a dangerous voucher scheme like Bevin, trying to take taxpayer money out of public schools and give it to fancy private schools instead.

Cameron following Bevin’s policies just says where his heart is. 

Daniel Cameron cares about his political career instead of our students.