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Kentucky GOP Primary Gets More Crowded and More Extreme With Savannah Maddox Entering Race

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The Kentucky GOP primary for governor just got even more crowded and even more extreme, with the news that state Rep. Savannah Maddox is entering the race for governor.

In fact, AP reported that she launched her campaign last night with “combative comments” that “ran counter to pleas from others within her party to avoid criticizing fellow Republicans amid fears that the crowded primary could turn into a slugfest.” 

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said the following,

“Savannah Maddox is too extreme for Kentucky, but will fit right in this nasty primary, which is quickly turning into an all-out brawl about who has the most dangerous and divisive agenda. Maddox has rallied with armed militias who hung an effigy of the governor, has a record of aligning with radical fringe candidates in GOP primaries, and would turn Kentucky into a state that’s hostile to new business and workers.

“In contrast, Governor Beshear continues to focus on unifying Kentuckians to make the Commonwealth a better place to live and support a family, announcing record economic development projects, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and giving a raise to state troopers while vetoing one for himself to fight for higher teacher pay.”