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Kemp Uses Trump as A Prop To Hit Perdue

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RGA Spending in Nasty, Trump-Fueled Primary Officially Surpasses $1 Million

Feeling the pressure of the “scorched earth” Georgia GOP primary, Brian Kemp is making a desperate pitch to Georgia’s MAGA voters in a new TV ad that uses clips of Donald Trump to hit David Perdue.

Of course, the new ad conveniently fails to mention that Trump endorsed Perdue or that Trump routinely bashes Kemp. Trump recently held a rally in Georgia to criticize Kemp and is currently featured in a pro-Perdue TV ad, saying Kemp is “A turncoat…a coward, and…a complete and total disaster.” 

Overall, the bruising and expensive primary has forced the RGA to spend more than $1.1 million on TV to try to protect Kemp from Trump, including an additional $100,000 in new TV ads since Trump’s rally last weekend.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “Brian Kemp knows how much the never-ending attacks from Trump are hurting him, so he’s getting desperate. The question is: how does Trump feel about being used as a pawn by Kemp?”