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Kemp Refuses to Follow Abrams’ Lead and Commit to Lower Gas Taxes Through End of Year

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As Stacey Abrams calls to suspend Georgia’s gas tax through the end of the year, Brian Kemp is still the only candidate for governor refusing to commit to not raising taxes.

As highlighted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Abrams launched “ads on more than 5,500 gas station pumps highlighting her call to suspend the state sales tax on fuel through the end of the year.”

Using funds from the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, which Kemp opposed, Abrams’ plan would keep more money in Georgians’ pockets throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Kemp has said the gas tax suspension “can only last for so long,” and his strategy of deciding whether or not to extend the suspension every few weeks leaves Georgia families wondering when the much-needed relief will run out.

Instead of focusing on the issues impacting everyday Georgians, Kemp is pushing a radical agenda that would ban abortion before most women know they are pregnant and criminalize medical providers — and he’s even said he opposes exceptions for rape and incest. At the same time, his dangerous criminal carry bill makes it easier for criminals to carry hidden firearms.

“By refusing to follow Stacey Abrams’ lead and commit to lowering costs at the pump, Brian Kemp is once again playing politics with Georgia families’ livelihoods,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Georgia deserves a leader who is focused on making life better for working families — and not Kemp, who is pushing a dangerous and radical agenda.”