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Kemp Doesn’t Care That His Extreme Agenda is Harming Georgia: “I’m Not Too Worried…”

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Brian Kemp shrugged when asked about how his extreme agenda is harming Georgia’s economy, saying “I’m not too worried about people leaving Georgia.” 

But with the record Kemp has racked up of key economic drivers pulling out of Georgia due to his radical policies, maybe he should be.

Most recently, his dangerous gun agenda caused a major music festival to cancel, costing Georgia’s economy an estimated $50 million. Previously, his voter suppression law fueled by conspiracy theories cost Georgia the All-Star game and when workers and leaders in the state’s film and television industry voiced concerns about Kemp’s abortion ban, he ignored them.

“Brian Kemp’s radical agenda of making it easier for criminals to carry guns, banning abortion before most women know they’re pregnant, and making it harder for Georgians to vote is also bad for business, but he just doesn’t care,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Georgians want new leadership that will bring people together to grow the economy — not more of Brian Kemp’s radical, divisive agenda that is costing working families.”