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Kelly Schulz Running Scared of Anti-Choice Record

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Another day passed, and Kelly Schulz is still scrambling to cover up her long anti-choice record after new reports signaled the end of Roe v. Wade this week.

As a state legislator, Schulz co-sponsored a constitutional amendment that would have effectively banned abortion in Maryland with no exceptions. She was also endorsed by Maryland Right to Life and supported defunding reproductive health care providers.

But now that it’s politically inconvenient to stand against choice, Schulz flip-flopped in a statement earlier this week, claiming she wouldn’t change current Maryland law as governor despite fighting against abortion rights for years.

The statement doesn’t appear on her website or Twitter, “almost like she’s trying to hide it from Republican primary voters,” American University Professor and former Chevy Chase Mayor David Lublin wrote.

Silent Schulz has repeatedly dodged important questions to survive the brutal far-right primary without revealing her positions on key issues.

“Now that she’s running for governor, Kelly Schulz continues to offer empty rhetoric that completely contradicts her record as a legislator,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Schulz won’t be able to paper over her extreme anti-choice record  — and it’s past time for her to start giving straight answers.”