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Kelly Ayotte’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Track Record Comes Back to Haunt Her on IV

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Kelly Ayotte’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Track Record Comes Back to Haunt Her on IV

Former Senator Kelly Ayotte is desperately trying to rewrite her harmful history of working to make it harder for Granite Staters to access IVF treatment and other critical medical care.

Read key quotes from the Union Leader on Ayotte’s dangerous track record below: 

  • “…while in the U.S. Senate, Ayotte consistently opposed universal access to IVF under the Affordable Care Act and tried to let insurers and employers exclude IVF and other medical procedures from required coverage.”
  • “Ayotte co-sponsored legislation in 2011 to deny coverage for these procedures if the ‘sponsor, issuer or other entity of the plan’ had contrary religious beliefs.”
  • “Ayotte and 22 others signed onto the so-called Blunt Amendment to expand a rights-of-conscience clause in the ACA. Analysts said this would have applied not just to IVF, but also to contraception, blood transfusions, vaccines or anything else employers deemed a violation of their faith.”

Ayotte’s attacks on IVF are part of a well-documented track record of attacking reproductive rights. In the U.S. Senate, Ayotte led the charge for a national abortion ban and called for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, voted repeatedly to defund Planned Parenthood, and worked to make it harder and more expensive for women to fill birth control prescriptions. She proudly served as the “sherpa” for then-Supreme Court nominee and anti-choice extremist Neil Gorsuch, helping to pave the way for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. 

“No matter how hard Kelly Ayotte tries to rewrite her dangerous and extreme track record of attacking reproductive freedom, Granite Staters know the truth,”said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “New Hampshire voters overwhelmingly want a governor who will protect access to reproductive freedom – not limit it – and that Ayotte can’t be trusted with their most fundamental freedoms.”