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Kelly Ayotte Shows How Far to the Right She’s Willing to Go by Campaigning with Moms For Liberty

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Kelly Ayotte Shows How Far to the Right She’s Willing to Go by Campaigning with Moms For Liberty

New reporting from The Daily Beast reveals that Republican candidate for Governor Kelly Ayotte was recently photographed alongside leaders of the New Hampshire chapter of the extremist group Moms for Liberty, as well as other extremists.

Ayotte was photographed with Rachel Goldsmith, leader of the New Hampshire chapter, which made headlines in 2021 for putting “bounties” on educators for teaching “divisive concepts,” and her husband, extremist Jeremy Kauffman, a leader of the state’s notoriously far-right Libertarian Party. Goldsmith also served as the former executive director of the Free State Project – which advocated for “a life free of government interference” with the goal of seceding from the union.

As The Daily Beast reports, Kauffman is known for his “incendiary rhetoric” including a tweet, where he defended his use of the n-word by claiming that “the only thing more racist than the term ‘is the idea that Black people are so fragile they’ll be hurt by seeing the word written out.’” Ayotte’s campaign “did not return a request for comment” on her association with Goldsmith and Kauffman.

Ayotte has also since reversed her 2016 position on the former president, now claiming she would vote for Trump in 2024 after previously condemning and disavowing him.

“Kelly Ayotte campaigning with Moms for Liberty and other extremists is the latest sign that this primary is a race to the far-right, and will be won by whoever is willing to stake out the most extreme lane,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Since losing her last race, she has made clear she’s willing to do and say just about anything to try to win this one, even if it means going back on her word and associating with hateful, racist, and extreme organizations. Granite Staters already rejected Kelly Ayotte 1.0, and it’s becoming clearer by the day that Kelly 2.0 is just too extreme for New Hampshire.”