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Kasich’s “Bizarre” State of the State Address

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Ohio Governor John Kasich delivered his State of the State address yesterday, and it was an odd one—even by Kasich’s own high standards of strangeness. In the absence of an actual forward-looking agenda for Ohio, Kasich’s personal idiosyncrasies stole the show.
Here’s the lede from The Enquirer:
“Non-bluetongue cows going to Turkey. A dream about Jerry Seinfeld in the back seat of a car. Californians are ‘a bunch of wackadoodles.’
John Kasich’s second State of the State speech Tuesday was rambling and at times bizarre. Among his head-jerking references, Kasich told the first three winners of a newly-created state courage award not to sell the medals on eBay; pointed out his ‘hot wife;’ and imitated someone with Parkinson’s disease when he talked about ‘deep brain massage.’
In other words, typical Kasich.”
 The Associated Press reported that the speech was “mostly devoid of big initiatives “and “was peppered with Kasich’s usual array of off-the-cuff, sometimes puzzling remarks.”
And according to The Toledo-Blade, “The speech was heavier on looking back at 2011 than it was on proposals looking forward.”