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Kari Lake’s “Great Law” Denies 14-Year-Old Critical Arthritis Medication

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Under Arizona’s 1901 abortion ban praised by Lake, girls are being denied critical medication

According to a new report, a 14-year-old was denied her arthritis medication just two days after Arizona’s Civil War-era law banning nearly all abortions went into effect — a ban that Kari Lake called a “great law” and said she would enforce as governor.

The child’s arthritis causes “too much pain to have a normal life,” but the medication she was denied allows her to “simply be a normal teenager,” her mother said. “These laws are just too extreme and don’t take into account all the different scenarios that people are going through,” she told the Washington Post.

“I don’t think everyone understands what the ramifications of such a broad, sweeping antiabortion law are and how many other women are affected by this,” said Tucson rheumatologist Deborah Power. “Like how can we decide that women can’t have this medicine that men can? That’s discriminating on gender. And how can you make a law that doesn’t allow me to provide standard of care for my patients?”

While Lake has tried to dodge the issue as “too unclear” to denounce, she recently confirmed that she would “uphold the law” as reporting shows it could have devastating consequences not just for women seeking abortions but also for Arizonans seeking important medications.

In contrast, Katie Hobbs has promised to call a special session on day one if elected to overturn the dangerous and extreme ban.

“Arizona’s draconian abortion ban is standing in the way of children receiving critical medication, and Kari Lake thinks it’s a ‘great law,’” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “While Lake tries to avoid clarifying her dangerous support for a near total abortion ban, Arizonans are facing real, devastating consequences for the GOP’s assault on abortion rights.”