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Kari Lake Undergoes “Great MAGA Makeover” to Hide Extremism

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Desperate to win over independent voters, Kari Lake is being called out for scrambling to hide her extreme positions on abortion and the Big Lie — two issues she’s been completely out of touch on and made central to her campaign.

“As early ballots hit voters’ mailboxes this week, the Great MAGA Makeover continues for Kari Lake and the rest of Donald Trump’s Arizona slate of candidates,” wrote Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts.

“Now we are witnessing a wholesale group epiphany, a lightning bolt of illumination suggesting that they have moved on from some of their more extreme views,” she added. “Either that, or somebody’s been reading public opinion polls. Simply put, they cannot win without winning over voters in the middle and they know it.”

Lake has called Arizona’s 1864 law banning abortions even the case of rape or incest a “great law” and has vowed to sign a ban like the one in Texas. But last week, she seemed to say abortion should be legal — that is, until her campaign followed up and took it back.

And after mentioning the Big Lie five times at a Trump rally in July, Lake didn’t bring up the 2020 election at all at last weekend’s Trump rally. Instead, she stressed how the GOP is an “inclusive party.”

“Hearing that the Republican Party is ‘for all Arizonans’ is rich coming from Kari Lake, who has insulted the current Republican governor, the family of the late Sen. John McCain, and the entire mainstream wing of the GOP throughout her campaign,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Lake’s desperate attempts to hide how extreme she is on abortion and election conspiracies are too little too late — and Arizonans will see right through her botched coverup job.”