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Kari Lake Throws Tantrum Over Having Plans Compared Side-by-Side With Katie Hobbs

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Kari Lake is going through an absolute meltdown and refusing to attend an interview with Arizona PBS after Katie Hobbs was also offered a chance to present her plans as a contrast.

Since finding out she wouldn’t have an unchecked chance to go on an unhinged rant with no rebuttal, Lake has accused PBS of corruption and suggested they should lose taxpayer funding (Mitt Romney vs. Big Bird, anyone?).

Instead of presenting her so-called “plans” to voters on PBS last night, which experts say could make inflation worse and cost Arizonans,  Lake chose to hold a 30-minute press conference where she rambled uninterrupted about her extreme agenda.

This comes after Lake bombed in a back-to-back interview on Face the Nation, where she parroted the same extremism and conspiracy theories she’s built her campaign on while Hobbs outlined her plans to protect abortion and fight rising costs.

“When faced with the reality of having her plans compared to Katie Hobbs’, Kari Lake throws a tantrum,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Lake knows she’s too extreme and out-of-touch on the real issues facing Arizonans. There is no substance to Kari Lake or her campaign — only chaos and an unwavering need for attention.”