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Kari Lake Staffer is Violent Criminal with “Murder-for-Hire Past”

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One staffer on Kari Lake’s payroll is a convicted felon who plotted to kill an FBI informant, new reporting details.

According to the Daily Beast, while Lake “has made her support for law enforcement a centerpiece of her campaign…her campaign also employs an interesting character: a convicted criminal who pleaded guilty to battery against a peace officer and who once plotted to kill an FBI informant.”

In addition to hiring him on her campaign, Lake has previously campaigned alongside the staffer, Kenneth Ulibarri. Ulibarri is a convicted felon with a long history of violent crime: in addition to plotting to kill an FBI informant, Ulibarri has also been charged with battery upon a peace officer,convicted for driving under the influence, and sentenced to six years in jail for “multiple charges related to vehicle theft and criminal damage” in his past. 

Lake paid Ulibarri out of her campaign funds last year, and he’s made a number of appearances on the campaign trail, including at the first rally of her campaign.  Ulibarri has said Lake “stands for all the things that [he] believe[s] in.”

“Kari Lake might claim to ‘Back the Blue,’ but the people she keeps on her payroll tell a different story,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “If violent felons with a history of assaulting law enforcement officers are the type of staff Kari Lake wants, who knows who she’d pick to run the state of Arizona if elected governor. She can’t be trusted to protect Arizona families.”