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Kari Lake Praised Arizona’s 1901 Abortion Ban In the Primary, Won’t Denounce It Now

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With Arizona’s Civil War-era law banning all abortions, even the case of rape or incest, now in full-force in the state, Kari Lake must be thrilled. After all, she repeatedly praised the law throughout her campaign, calling it a “great law” and declaring that she would enforce it as governor. So why is she being so shy now?

Recent reporting shows that Kari Lake is trying to dodge the topic, claiming the state of abortion rights is “too unclear” right now to comment on the ban.

Here are three things that are not “unclear”:

First, the 1901 abortion ban, written before doctors even knew to wash their hands, is now enforceable in Arizona. This means virtually all abortions are outlawed and doctors can be jailed for providing them.

Second, Kari Lake can try to dodge the topic all she wants, but she’s made her views known far and wide: Lake supports this dangerous, extreme abortion ban and has demonized women who get abortions, describing them as “executioners.”

Third, reproductive rights are on the ballot in Arizona. Katie Hobbs has vowed to “call a special session of the state Legislature to overturn this draconian law” on day one. As for Lake? You don’t need to look any further than her past comments.

“Kari Lake has praised the 1901 law outlawing nearly all abortion as a ‘great law’ and she’s standing by that praise,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “No matter how Lake tries to dodge the issue, Arizona’s abortion ban is clear, and so is Lake’s stance. She would enforce the dangerous ban. Reproductive rights are on the ballot in November and only Katie Hobbs has been firm in her plan to fight against extreme abortion restrictions and protect women’s rights.”