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Kari Lake Pays Violent Felon Who Plotted to Kill FBI Informant to Appear as Campaign Surrogate

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Trump-endorsed Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake has hit the campaign trail with a convicted repeat violent offender.

Kenneth Ulibarri, who the DOJ alleged “attempted to murder an FBI informant” and was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, has appeared alongside Kari Lake at multiple campaign events. Lake’s campaign has also paid him $2,000. Ulibarri said Lake “stands for all the things that [he] believe[s] in.”

Lake’s partnership with Ulibarri comes despite a tough-on-crime message, running an ad promising to send “criminals” back across the border, and a promise to ‘back the blue’ on her campaign website.

“Kari Lake is showing her promise to support law enforcement and reduce violent crime is nothing more than an empty political ploy,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “At a time when violent crime is on the rise in Arizona, Arizonans deserve a governor who will actually take action to protect communities  — not someone whose ‘tough on crime’ agenda actually means having a convicted felon as one of your top campaign surrogates.”