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Kari Lake Openly Questions the Science of COVID-19 Vaccines

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Lake Unveils Her Novel Approach to Stopping COVID Once and For All: “I Would Just End the Pandemic”  

Kari Lake isn’t even trying to hide her radical conspiracy theories on COVID. In a new interview, Lake openly questioned the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, saying, “I have noticed a lot of people I know who are vaccinated have come down with it. So it makes me wonder about the efficacy of the vaccine.”

Lake went on to question basic science backed up by reputable medical experts, saying, “I’m not believing a lot of the science, so-called science coming out of some of our so-called experts,” — presumably referring to the indisputable fact that vaccines are incredibly effective in dramatically reducing the likelihood of catching a severe case of COVID.

Lake’s view on vaccines is so off-the-rails, it’s even more extreme than the views of her top endorser, Donald Trump, who has recently touted the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, and pushed back against skepticism like Lake’s.

When Lake was asked what her response to the pandemic would be, she offered an absolutely novel plan: “I would just end the pandemic.” She gave absolutely zero additional information on how she plans to do such a thing.

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said, “Someone whose response to the ongoing COVID pandemic is spouting off nonsense that even Donald Trump has refuted is clearly not fit to govern Arizona. Arizona needs a governor whose decision-making is guided by science and logic — not conspiracy theories. We look forward to hearing more details about Kari Lake’s plan to ‘just end the pandemic,’ but thus far, she and the rest of the GOP field have made it clear they’d be absolutely inept at managing this crisis or any challenges to come.”