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Kari Lake Doubles Down on Divisive Extremism as Trump Comes to Town

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With Trump once again campaigning in Arizona for Kari Lake, Lake is using the opportunity to remind Arizona voters just how out-of-touch she is with Arizonans’ priorities.

Lake is going all-in on her plan to ban abortion: This week, she once again stated she supports Arizona’s extreme 1901 abortion law that would throw doctors and nurses in jail and has no exceptions for rape and incest, and she has said she “never will” back down on her extreme stance on banning abortion.

Kari Lake is so extreme, she’s driving away Republicans. Reporting shows Republican and Independents in Arizona are refusing to support Lake, citing her Trumpism, extreme stance on banning on abortion, and her election denalism. Liz Cheney said she would vote for Katie Hobbs over Lake if she lived in Arizona and former GOP governor Jan Brewer still hasn’t committed to voting for Kari Lake. Earlier this week, Brewer said some of Lake’s claims in this election made her “speechless.”

Instead of making a pitch to unite voters across the political spectrum, including those in her party, Lake called Republicans who aren’t voting for her “a cavalcade of losers.” 

“Arizonans know that Kari Lake would be a dangerous, disastrous governor, so they’re crossing party lines to support Katie Hobbs,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Just like the radical Republicans she’s surrounded herself with, Kari Lake would govern through extremism and division. Lake has no interest in uniting her party, she only cares about winning over MAGA extremists.”