Kari Lake Doesn’t Know How to Read Laws

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AZ Republic Column: “Kari Lake drops an embarrassing bombshell that blows up in her face”

Yet again, Kari Lake is being slammed for making ridiculous and bizarre claims without factual basis. In a new video, Lake accuses Katie Hobbs of voting to block the teaching of the pledge of allegiance, national anthem, and the Constitution. But in a scathing new segment, KTVK reported that “the bombshell claim that Lake promised isn’t true.”


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By actually reading the bill Lake cites as proof of her claim, it’s clear that the bill had nothing to do with purging any approved materials from classrooms.

“The wild claim has led to speculation that Lake doesn’t understand how laws are created,” KTVK reported. “That’s a big problem for someone whose job it would be to sign or veto them.”

To make matters worse, Lake doubled down on Twitter by citing other bills to back her claim — but none of those bills have anything to do with the pledge of allegiance or any other founding document either.

“Reading bills is a qualification of being governor. You have to know what a bill says, how a bill changes, how a bill becomes a law,” said Wes Gullet, chief of staff to former Republican governor Fife Symington. “Those are fundamentals that Kari Lake doesn’t understand.”