Just After Deadly Parkland Shooting, Fung Took Max-Out Donation From PAC Opposed to Gun Safety Reform

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One month after 17 high school students were killed and 17 more were injured in the devastating shooting at Parkland High School, Mayor Allan Fung accepted a max-out donation from the Rhode Island Second Amendment PAC, an organization dedicated to blocking common sense gun safety reform.
“While Governor Raimondo was taking swift action after the tragedy in Parkland to sign a Red Flag executive order to prevent mass shootings, failed candidate Allan Fung was taking the maximum campaign donation from an extreme group that’s working to block gun violence prevention measures,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Governor Raimondo will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and keep Rhode Islanders safe. It’s clear Mayor Fung will not.”
The RI Second Amendment Coalition Opposed Raimondo’s “Red Flag” Policy Law. According to WJAR, “One bill known as the ‘red flag’ policy would allow law enforcement, through the authority of a judge, to take away a gun from someone deemed a danger to him or herself or others. The bill was approved despite a large contingent of vocal opposition from supporters of the Second Amendment, who gathered at the State House prior to the vote. ‘It does have a good intent on it, but it should be narrowly focused so that it goes after people that are truly dangerous, not the law-abiding citizen. You’re casting the net too big,’ said Frank Saccoccio of the RI Second Amendment Coalition. ‘It is overbroad, violates due process, fundamental fairness and it could basically criminalize activity which is not criminal right now.’” According to its website, RI Second Amendment PAC is working in conglomeration with the Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition. [WJAR, 4/10/18RI Second Amendment PAC, accessed 5/1/18]
RI Second Amendment PAC Opposed Legislation Related to Banning Bump Stocks. According to the RI Second Amendment PAC’s website, the group opposed several pieces of legislation in the 2018 session related to possession, transportation, manufacture or sale of bump stocks. [RI Second Amendment PAC: Bills Feed, accessed 5/1/18]