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Judge Rules Against Dan Forest’s Politically Motivated Lawsuit Against Gov. Roy Cooper

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Forest Sued Cooper For Acting Swiftly and Decisively to Protect North Carolina From COVID-19 

Dan Forest has been humiliated time and again for questioning Gov. Cooper’s decision to take swift action against COVID-19.  The Charlotte Observer told him to “hush” when he originally criticized the emergency action taken and he has been widely rebuked for politicizing the crisis. 

Now, a judge has ruled against his politically motivated lawsuit saying Forest does not have a “winning legal argument.” In an angry statement responding, Forest makes it clear that this lawsuit was political, saying, “the people of North Carolina will make the final decision this November.” 

It’s notable that not a single other member of the Council of State, including 5 other Republicans, joined Forest in his embarrassing lawsuit. 

“In a crisis, we need leaders focused on what’s best for people, not what’s best for their political careers,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “As Governor Roy Cooper continues to work with experts to keep North Carolinians safe, I hope that Dan Forest takes this rejection to heart and stops standing in the way of North Carolina’s recovery.”