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Josh Stein Proposes Tax Cut for North Carolina’s Working Families

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Josh Stein Proposes Tax Cut for North Carolina’s Working Families

Last week, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein released the first part of his plan to put more money back into the pockets of North Carolina’s working and middle-class families by proposing a Working Families’ Tax Cut.

Under Stein’s plan, the average North Carolina family would save up to $520 and families with three children or more would see nearly $1,500 in savings.

Stein stated: “North Carolina’s economy is strong and growing, but not everyone is benefiting from that growth – working people need more money in their pockets. That’s why today I’m announcing my support for enacting a Working Families’ Tax Cut to help working people across North Carolina make ends meet and keep more of what they earn.”Here’s what North Carolinians are reading about Josh Stein’s plan to save money for working and middle class families:

  • Cardinal and Pine: Josh Stein proposes a ‘Working Families’ Tax Cut’ “Stein’s plan would reinstate the State Earned Income Tax Credit (SEITC), which was first enacted in 2007, before the Republican-controlled General Assembly voted to repeal it in 2013. The SEITC provided financial relief to those making up to around $50,000 per year.”
  • High Point Enterprise: Stein starts main election push in High Point “Stein said the proposed tax credit was just one of the proposals he backs to ensure the state has the workforce needed to sustain the industrial expansions announced in recent years, along with “fully funding” the state’s public school systems, raising teacher pay, investing in infrastructure such as high-speed broadband internet and continuing to expand career-and-technical-education programs and targeted workforce training programs.”
  • Greensboro News & Record: Fresh off Super Tuesday win, Stein talks with High Point teachers about better pay “North Carolina had previously enacted a version of an earned income tax credit in 2007. But in 2014, the Republican-led General Assembly repealed it. Stein’s proposal would set the credit at 20% of the federal earned income tax credit. Qualifying families could claim a maximum $1,486 depending on their income and number of dependents.”