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Johnson Wins Endorsement From Top Trump Minnesota Ally

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Johnson has no problem embracing Trump’s policies because he believes in them

While Tim Pawlenty maintains his campaign strategy of pandering to fellow DC lobbyists, Jeff Johnson is getting support from Donald Trump’s top allies in Minnesota.
Today, Trump BFF Mike Lindell joined the Minnesota Republican Party in endorsing Johnson. Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, was described in April as Trump’s “new best friend” for his close relationship with the president.
Johnson is proudly touting the endorsement despite Lindell’s F-rating from the Better Business Bureau for deceptive advertising practices and a pattern of consumer complaints.
Despite underwater approval ratings for Donald Trump, Johnson has no problem camping outside of Trump rallies just for a chance at Trump’s support.
All the while, Pawlenty has danced around his support for the President, calling him “unsound, uninformed, unhinged and unfit” to be President but now saying “I voted for President Trump. I support almost all of what he’s doing in terms of policy direction strongly.”
This may explain why he went negative with his first television ad, particularly after Donald Trump’s support proved to be critical to Brian Kemp’s win in Georgia.
“Minnesota Republicans are going to need a better pillow after all the damaging blows of this right-wing primary,” says Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Jeff Johnson’s embrace of Donald Trump’s BFF tells you all you need to know about him: He will be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s policies in Minnesota. Minnesotans deserve a governor who won’t sell them out for Trump’s support and is focused on the issues affecting their families, like protecting expanded healthcare coverage.”