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Joe Lombardo’s Corruption Costs Nevada Taxpayers $86,000

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A court order obtained by News 3 yesterday reveals that Nevada taxpayers are the ones picking up the tab for Joe Lombardo’s corrupt and unethical actions as sheriff.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department must pay out over $86,000 in attorney fees and other costs related to a lawsuit over Lombardo sending self-serving political emails from his government account.

“The money will likely be paid with taxpayer dollars,” News 3 reported.

Records revealed during the lawsuit show that Lombardo directed staff at the Metro Police Department to conduct research used by his campaign, violating ethics rules.

This is yet another example to pile on to the numerous ethics complaints against Lombardo.

“Joe Lombardo’s corruption is costing Nevada taxpayers more and more every day,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Time and time again, Lombardo has proven that he’s out for his own political gain and not the people of Nevada.”