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Joe Lombardo Slammed for Trying to Hide Extreme Anti-Abortion Stance

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A new article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal highlights Joe Lombardo’s endless attempts at a cover-up and “contradictory statements” as he scrambles to hide his extreme anti-abortion stance.

As abortion becomes increasingly important to Nevada voters, Lombardo is trying and failing to rewrite his history on the issue. In a recent debate, the moderator called Lombardo out for being “all over the place” on abortion.

But the Review-Journal notes that Lombardo has supported a 13-week abortion ban and “said he would support other measures to restrict abortion access.”

He’s also said he would “absolutely” support restrictions on Plan B and waiting periods before ending a pregnancy and affirmed he “plan[s] to lead as a pro-life governor.”

The report also highlights how Lombardo was endorsed by the National Right to Life, an extreme anti-abortion organization. He also faces an ethics complaint for donating a Metro Police helicopter ride to an anti-abortion group’s fundraiser.

“It seems Joe Lombardo finally realizes his radical plan to ban abortion is completely out of touch with Nevada voters,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “But Lombardo’s desperate attempt to hide his anti-abortion stance is too little, too late. He’s made clear time and time again that he’d restrict reproductive rights if elected governor — and that’s far too extreme for Nevada.”