Joe Lombardo Says He’ll “Absolutely” Remove Protections for Abortion Patients and Providers in Nevada

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Nevada GOP candidate for governor Joe Lombardo said he’ll repeal Gov. Sisolak’s executive order protecting people seeking abortion care in Nevada, and doctors and nurses providing them, from prosecution in other states.

When asked in an interview if he’ll repeal Gov. Sisolak’s protections for abortion patients and providers, Lombardo answered “yeah absolutely.” Repealing the order would instantly eliminate protections for women who travel to Nevada to receive abortion care and for the doctors and nurses who provide reproductive health care.

This would open the door for Nevada to extradite women and medical providers to other states with extreme anti-abortion laws.

Joe Lombardo has proudly proclaimed he’s “pro-life,” but has been unclear to Nevadans on what he might do to roll back reproductive freedoms. Now, he’s showing just how far he’ll go to restrict and punish women for making their own reproductive health care choices.

“After months of refusing to give Nevadans answers on his plans to roll back abortion access, Joe Lombardo is showing he can’t be trusted to protect reproductive freedoms in Nevada,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Lombardo would allow women and doctors to be prosecuted just for making their own reproductive health care decisions. His extreme anti-abortion agenda is dangerous to women and families.”