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Joe Lombardo Running Out of Wiggle Room on the Big Lie

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Lombardo Finds Himself in the Midst of an Ongoing Lawsuit Over Primary Results and Calls to Investigate Election Fraud

Joe Lombardo is running out of room to continue dodging where he really stands on election fraud and questions over the integrity of the 2020 election. After trying to walk both sides of the line on the Big Lie in his bid for Nevada governor, Lombardo is now facing the consequences of failing to denounce conspiracy theories as he finds himself in the midst of an ongoing election lawsuit filed by his primary opponent, Joey Gilbert, and on the ballot with a fellow statewide Republican nominee who is encouraging sheriffs to investigate elections.

Republican nominee for Secretary of State Jim Marchant recently said he would “bring sheriffs back in” and encourage them to investigate elections. As sheriff of Nevada’s largest county, Lombardo hasn’t answered whether he thinks sheriffs should get involved or whether he’ll investigate the 2022 election if he loses.

Meanwhile, Lombardo still faces questions from his own party about his primary victory, where he won with a measly less than 40% of the vote. GOP opponent Joey Gilbert has filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the results.

Lombardo himself has “publicly cast doubt” on the 2020 election and “peppered” his campaign with baseless claims of voter fraud. This month, he stood on stage with Trump as Trump called the 2020 election rigged.

“Joe Lombardo is learning the hard way that you reap what you sow — and it could cost him critical party unity heading into November,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “As the Big Lie backfires, does Lombardo agree with his party that sheriffs should get involved in elections, or will he split with Marchant, who he’ll be sharing the ballot with this November?”