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Joe Lombardo Finally Gets Around to Announcing Entrance Into Messy Nevada GOP Primary

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Lombardo still can’t answer why he’s running

After months of fluke announcements, Sheriff Joe Lombardo has finally entered the Republican primary for Nevada governor.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Joe Lombardo is just another politician who lacks any understanding of what it takes to lead a state. Lombardo’s walked every partisan ideological line as he’s pretended to represent the constituents he promised to serve and protect while trying to avoid estranging the Republican base he needs for his pending political career. We’re over a year out from the election, but the GOP primary is already a mess. Running against Trump cronies like Joey Gilbert, Lombardo will struggle to prove his loyalty to Republicans as this race descends into far-right chaos.

“As sheriff, Lombardo avoided answering the hard questions asked of his department, and now, Lombardo can’t even answer the easy questions like what he’d accomplish as governor or even why he’s running in the first place. Nevada doesn’t need and can’t afford someone seeking political stardom as governor.

“Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak has delivered on campaign promises to expand access to health care, invest in public education, and make historic strides towards combating climate change. We look forward to electing Gov. Sisolak to a second term as he leads Nevada on the road to recovery.”