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Joe Lombardo Desperate to Distance Himself from Trump

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During Sunday’s gubernatorial debate, politically craven Joe Lombardo proved he’ll say anything to get elected as he sought to distance himself from former President Donald Trump — the same guy whose endorsement Lombardo trotted out to help lock up the Republican primary just a few months ago.

When asked, Lombardo said he wouldn’t use the word “great” to describe Trump. This lukewarm response in front of a general election audience comes despite receiving Trump’s endorsement earlier this year during the primary and campaigning with him in July.

With Trump set to visit Nevada again to rally in support of Lombardo, the sheriff can’t seem to pick a side when it comes to the former president, and that might cost him.

Will Lombardo’s willingness to cast doubt on the 2020 election as an “environment for fraud” and his campaign “peppered” with baseless claims be enough to keep Trump happy? Or will his halfhearted praise earn him the ire of the former president? If the Lombardo campaign’s attempt to do some hasty cleanup duty is any indication, it seems like it will be the latter. The Lombardo campaign declared that Trump was a great president with some of the “most impactful” accomplishments in history shortly after the problematic answer on the debate stage.

“Nevadans deserve to know where their governor stands on the issues that matter most — not a craven politician like Joe Lombardo who will take whatever position gets him ahead,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Joe Lombardo’s inconsistency on core issues has proven to voters that he cannot be trusted to govern.”