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Joe Lombardo Cements a Pattern of Corrupt Behavior

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Sheriff and candidate for Nevada governor Joe Lombardo is quickly establishing a pattern of corruption. In the latest in Lombardo’s saga of corrupt dealings, new reporting from the Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals how Lombardo elevated his right-hand man through police ranks — ignoring his record of misconduct that includes allegations involving sexual misconduct and drugs.

The explosive report from the Review-Journal outlines how Lombardo ignored the disturbing conduct of then-officer Kevin McMahill, which includes allegations that he sexually harassed a woman and forced her to eat cocaine.

Despite the then-Metro lieutenant recommending McMahill be terminated, Lombardo refused to take action. And even though the allegations have been public since 1995, Lombardo promoted McMahill, eventually making him his undersheriff.Now, Lombardo is helping McMahill replace him as sheriff. ​​Lombardo “strongly” endorsed McMahill to be his successor and said he’d do a “fantastic job.”

“As sheriff, Lombardo turned a blind eye while an officer with a history of misconduct rose the ranks of the department, and now, he’s endorsing that same corrupt cop to lead the state’s largest police department,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Nevadans deserve answers from Lombardo on how much he knew about his right-hand man’s disturbing behavior and just how deep his corruption runs.”