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Joe Lombardo Called Out for His Failed Attempts to Rewrite His History on Abortion on the Debate Stage

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In Sunday’s Nevada gubernatorial debate, Joe Lombardo’s attempts to walk back his extreme stance on abortion were front and center.

Lombardo was confronted head-on by the moderator for being “all over the place,” on abortion. The moderator provided the receipts on the multiple times Joe Lombardo has taken a hardline stance on banning abortion or even contraception.

On the debate stage in front of all Nevada, Joe Lombardo was called out for his support of a 13-week abortion ban, for saying “yes absolutely,” when asked if he’d support restrictions on Plan B and waiting periods before ending a pregnancy, and for saying “I plan to lead as a pro-life governor.”

Lombardo has since tried to back off from his extreme stances. The moderator noted Joe Lombardo’s dramatic shift seems to have come ‘out of nowhere’, but it’s no coincidence: as abortion becomes increasingly important to Nevada voters, Lombardo is trying–and failing–to rewrite history.

“Joe Lombardo’s weak attempt to shift his position on abortion isn’t ‘out of nowhere’— he knows how unpopular his right-wing stance is, so he’s desperately trying to rewrite history,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Lombardo would prefer to change the topic, but Nevadans can see right through his attempts to pivot on where he stands on abortion. They know Joe Lombardo can’t be trusted to protect their reproductive rights. ”