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Jeff Johnson’s Out-of-Step With Minnesotans, And The RGA Leaves Him Behind

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RGA Pulls Ad Reservation, Quits On Johnson’s Failed Campaign

September has ended but we’re betting Jeff Johnson wishes he hadn’t woken up. The Republican Governors Association started a second round of cancellations, cutting $2.3 million in reserved advertising in Minnesota, leaving Johnson to further fend for himself.
The RGA once thought Minnesota was a “top pick-up” opportunity back when their old K Street buddy Tim Pawlenty was in the race.
Now, it’s clear their thinking has changed and they are leaving Johnson high and dry. It must be because they know fringe, far-right conspiracy theories don’t connect with Minnesotans.
“It’s always sad to see a breakup play out in public, and the RGA’s split from Jeff Johnson is no different,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Johnson is selling a message wildly out of touch with Minnesotans: ripping health care away from Minnesota families and rolling back protections for pre-existing conditions. It’s no wonder the RGA is quitting on Jeff Johnson’s dead-end campaign.”
Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back on Jeff Johnson and the RGA’s awkward relationship in Minnesota.