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Jeff Johnson Rips Pawlenty’s First Ad And His Immigration Record

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Since Tim Pawlenty panicked about the primary and went negative, Jeff Johnson continues to gain steam. Today, Johnson told a conservative radio show, the Drew Radio Show, he’s “seen more volunteers and donations since the ad aired.”
Host [31:05]: The first campaign ad came out last week from the Pawlenty camp. It was not very nice towards you. I want to give you an opportunity to respond to things that like you supported tax increases you supported Obamacare things along those lines. 
Johnson [31:26]: I said early on in this race that the day he attacks will be the best day of the campaign because his daily internal polling is showing the race is getting close. It was over the top possibly the most dishonest ad I have ever seen.
Host [34:40]: Were you surprised he went so negatively so quickly?
Johnson [35:05] : We thought it would be ten days out, not five weeks out. We have seen more volunteers and donations since the ad aired.
Johnson goes on to hit Tim Pawlenty for allowing 25,000 refugees to settle in Minnesota during his time as governor, making it clear he plans to use Trump-like rhetoric and policies to court the GOP base for the next month.
Host [37:40]: We have seen that your campaign has made an issue of refugee resettlement in recent days. For listeners that may not be aware of what suspension of refugee resettlement in MN. Gave us a quick primer on that that means. 
Johnson [38:41]: It is a federal program that brings refugees to MN….The last decade the numbers have been moving up; starting under Pawlenty he brought in 25,000 and Dayton has brought in 14,000 more. And there are a lot of communities that are concerned on how it is affecting their community particularly the cost of. St. Cloud is the easy example everyone knows about. But there are other examples like Worthington and Rochester.
“This primary is quickly devolving into a messy foodfight Pawlenty’s friends in the Swamp thought Minnesota would avoid,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner.“Pawlenty made it clear he was in trouble when he went negative with his first ad, even attacking expanding Medicaid in Minnesota. Now, Johnson is making it clear he won’t go down without a fight. Whoever wins will be bruised and battered coming out of the primary.”
You can listen to the full interview HERE