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Jeff Johnson Looking to Rip Healthcare from Minnesotans

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Tim Pawlenty may be a household commodity in Washington D.C. after spending five years there as a lobbyist, but Jeff Johnson has both the Minnesota GOP party endorsement and years of working with state Republican activists. What’s his appeal? Well, to start, ripping away healthcare from hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.
In an interview with the Pine and Lakes Echo Journal, Jeff Johnson wants to take Minnesota back to the days when thousands of Minnesotans were left uninsured. In fact, he believes that ensuring access to healthcare is the equivalent of “bullying.”
Here’s what Johnson had to say about healthcare:

“We are in a considerably worse place than we were before the ACA (Affordable Care Act), before Obamacare.”
“If someone wants a health care plan that’s catastrophic, who am I as governor to say they can’t do that?” said Johnson, who characterized current state practices as a model in which people are bullied and forced into different forms of care.”

Since implementation, 150,000 more Minnesotans are covered under the Medicaid expansion,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It’s anyone’s guess why Johnson would want to throw thousands of Minnesotans off affordable healthcare plans and remove protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Minnesotans know he would leave them and their families worse off and without access to care.