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Jay Ashcroft Gets Booed Offstage at MOGOP Convention After Bill Eigel’s Takeover

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Jay Ashcroft Gets Booed Offstage at MOGOP Convention After Bill Eigel’s Takeover

This weekend, the Missouri Republican Party held its convention where unhinged extremist state Senator Bill Eigel’s base took over, leading to one embarrassment after another for his fellow candidates for governor Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe.

Republicans who attended the convention took to social media to detail the chaos on display, including Eigel’s camp passing out anti-Mike Kehoe stickers on his vote to raise the state’s gas tax, Jay Ashcroft being booed offstage, reports of “disunity, “frustrated” attendees, and Bill Eigel’s campaign manager being elected as the chair of the Missouri GOP convention.

Despite their increased name recognition, both Ashcroft and Kehoe are facing increasing backlash from their own party. Eigel’s campaign has also previously outraised the two sitting statewide elected officials.

“As Missourians from all parties across the state came together to turn in more than 380,000 signatures to put reproductive rights on the ballot this weekend, at the same time, the Missouri Republican Party put on a masterclass of disunity and chaos at its convention,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “This weekend proved exactly why any of the top three Republican candidates for governor would be wrong for Missouri. While Ashcroft, Eigel, and Kehoe compete to be the most extreme candidate in this race, they are leaving Missouri families behind.”