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James Craig Refuses to Say if 2020 Election Was Legitimate in Disastrous Press Conference

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James Craig scrambled to save his disastrous press conference yesterday after he forced local reporters covering the event to watch a meeting he invited them to from behind a glass wall without sound. However, when he finally emerged from his glass case of emotion, Craig got defensive when confronted by reporters about his growing reputation of ducking and dodging questions he’s avoided his entire campaign. Craig insisted he’s “not dodging it,” rather, he’s simply “not going to get into that.” No matter how Craig wants to put it, he dodged direct questions from reporters as seen in the coverage below:

  • Detroit News: Asked if he believed the election was stolen from Trump, Craig said he didn’t have information on whether there was evidence to back up the assertions. “I am a cop. … If there was evidence, if there was a proper investigation that the election was stolen … I don’t have that information,” the former police chief said.

  • MLive: The former police chief said he hasn’t seen information proving the 2020 election was stolen, as suggested by Trump and some Republicans who could run alongside Craig on the 2022 ballot. Craig offered a vague answer when asked whether he believes the election outcome was determined by fraud.

  • Detroit Free Press: Former Detroit Police Chief and potential GOP gubernatorial candidate James Craig declined to say Monday whether he believes false claims by former President Donald Trump that the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud.

“Contrary to what James Craig’s insider consultants told him to do, creating a wall of see-through glass isn’t the kind of transparency Michigan voters care about,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Craig’s growing reputation of dodging even the most basic question about the legitimacy of American elections and refusing to disavow the GOP’s dangerous claims proves he cares more about his own partisan politics than doing what’s right for Michigan families.”