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Jack Ciattarelli Is Running Scared As New Jersey Republican Primary Implodes

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In as many days, Jack Ciattarelli is out with his second desperate attack ad going after GOP primary opponent Hirsh Singh. The new tv ad calls out Trump-supporter Hirsh Singh for his ties to Democratic donors and support of President Obama. The new ad is a sure sign that Ciattarelli, who had hoped to easily walk away with the nomination, is getting very, very nervous that Singh is picking up steam in what has turned into a vicious battle to win over far-right Trump supporters. 

Ciattarelli, who headlined a “Stop the Steal” rally and says Trump’s policies “worked for the country,” is desperately trying to prove himself as loyal to Donald Trump’s extremism. But Singh, who calls himself the “only candidate in this race who is proudly pro-Trump,”  also promotes Donald Trump’s anti-democratic conspiracy theories.

Thus far, the New Jersey Republican candidates have focused most of their energy on bashing each other online. Phil Rizzo called Ciattarelli “too soft to fight” in a tweet criticizing mandating vaccines for students, and Singh’s Twitter has turned into a Ciattarelli hate account, calling his opponent’s campaign “pathetic.” The hits will keep coming when the Republicans meet for their first debate in the coming days.

“Jack Ciattarelli is running scared and spending money to try and out-Trump his opponents,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Instead of focusing on the issues that matter to New Jerseyans, the Republican field has devolved into an all-out ‘Civil War.’ This primary is still anyone’s game, and whoever comes out on top of the infighting won’t be able to distance themself from the far-right extremism of this primary.”