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Jabs Fly in Messy Arizona Republican Primary for Governor

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The ongoing feud in Arizona’s crowded GOP primary race is heating up and candidates are racing further to the right.

The campaigns have now taken to trolling fellow GOP candidates on Twitter. At the center of the feud is Karrin Taylor-Robson, who is being called out by AZ Republicans for her phony attempts to pander to Trump’s base despite being a “straight up McCain/Ducey Republican.” Taylor-Robson has desperately tried to position herself as a political “outsider” and a “Trump supporter,” despite previously supporting Doug Ducey.

In response to the Twitter beef questioning Karrin Taylor-Robson’s far-right agenda, her campaign responded with a photo of fellow candidate Kari Lake posing with Barack Obama.

With recent polls showing Doug Ducey’s approval ratings underwater, it’s no wonder why Karrin Taylor-Robson is trying to downplay her connections to him.  However, she’s going to need to step up her game to match Lake, the unique winner of Donald Trump’s “complete and total endorsement.”

“With months to go in the GOP primary, the candidates in the race have already staked out positions completely removed from Arizona voters’ values,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Now that their right-wing credentials are coming into question, the candidates will have to double down on their extreme agendas and move even further to the right just to get ahead of each other. Each round of infighting in their messy, chaotic primary is putting them more out-of-touch with Arizonans.”