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It’s Trump v. Cruz v. Snyder in Chaotic MI-GOV GOP Primary

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Ted Cruz Endorses Colbeck, Rebuffing Trump and Snyder

Michigan’s GOP gubernatorial primary just got a whole lot messier.   

Today, Senator Ted Cruz announced his endorsement of state Sen. Patrick Colbeck over his opponents Attorney General Bill Schuette, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

What was billed as a “proxy race between supporters of Gov. Rick Snyder and President Donald Trump,” now has an added layer of confusion as Ted Cruz throws his support to Colbeck. It’s clear that even after Trump’s endorsement in the race, this primary is far from settled.

Cruz’s nod to Colbeck follows a ringing endorsement last October by Trump-whisperer and right-wing media star, Sean Hannity. It’s the latest example of how deeply divided the state’s Republican party is. Schuette has Trump’s support, Calley is current Gov. Rick Snyder’s deputy, and now Colbeck has Cruz and Hannity. It’s going to get a lot nastier as these factions slug it out in the coming months.   

“Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Patrick Colbeck sets the stage for an all-out brawl in this primary,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Michigan Republicans are deeply divided over the direction of the party and the governor’s race is set up to be the perfect proxy battle. This primary will be expensive and nasty, and whoever emerges will be a damaged candidate heading into the general election.”