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It’s Official for Michigan GOP: Record Number of Candidates Pile Onto “Disaster” Republican Primary Ballot

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A record number of candidates have officially filed petitions to appear on the Michigan GOP primary ballot, locking in a crowded and expensive race that will leave behind a divisive Republican nominee with a dangerous agenda for the general election.

“It’s not good news for a Michigan Republican Party that had hoped to unite early around a single candidate,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

“It’s a disaster,” said Mike Murray, a consultant for Republican and nonpartisan candidates. “The primary is going to be a meat grinder and whoever emerges as the nominee is going to be broke, bloodied, and disliked by 70%-plus of Republicans who supported one of the other candidates.”

Insiders tried to handpick James Craig, but he’s run a flailing campaign, which has opened the door for self-funders Kevin Rinke and Perry Johnson to join the crowded race, along with Garrett Soldano and Tudor Dixon. No matter who wins the GOP primary, it’s clear the eventual nominee will be running on a platform that would drag Michigan backward, with all the candidates focused on trying to overturn and relitigate the 2020 election, while backing dangerous bans on abortions bans.

“The Michigan GOP primary is still completely up in the air with the state’s most packed primary ballot ever and not a single candidate who’s focused on improving the lives of Michigan families,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is lowering costs and setting records for economic growth, Michigan Republicans are busy setting records for the most chaotic primary ever.”