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It’s Been Four Days. Has Governor Rauner Reviewed the Senate’s Trumpcare Bill Yet?

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With New CBO Score Out, Rauner Does Not Show Any Fight for Illinois Families

 Four days ago, the Senate released the text of its version of Trumpcare and Bruce Rauner’s staff assured the public that “the Senate proposal is being reviewed.” Four days of silence followed. In those four days, the Republican party has seen Governors come forward to express their concerns and opposition to the Senate bill. But not Bruce Rauner. 

Today, the CBO released its analysis of the Senate Trumpcare bill and confirmed the legislation would drive up premiums while reducing coverage while blowing a hole in the state’s budget from Medicaid cuts. 

Governor, the CBO score is here for your reviewing.

“Governor Rauner has made his voice heard on the Trumpcare debate – he is for himself,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Trumpcare will be disastrous for Illinois’ families, economy, and the budget. Governor Rauner’s silence is confirmation that he views his re-election as fundamentally more important than the well-being of middle-class families. In his actions, Governor Rauner has failed in his responsibility to the people of Illinois.”